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Update v1.01

-All spiders are kill-able with spray.
-Fixed recording 1 & 6 typos.
-Accident achievement fix.
-Fixed ending timer glitch.
-Changed the death screen.

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Aka Manto (璧ゃ優銉炽儓 Red Cloak), aka Red Cape or Red Mantle, is a Japanese urban legend about a masked spirit who wears a red cloak, and who appears to people using toilets in public or school bathrooms, specifically targeting young women. Accounts of the legend vary, but one consistent element of the story is that the spirit will ask the individual using a toilet a question. He will ask them if they want a red paper or a blue paper. If they choose the red, they will be lacerated in such a manner that their dead body will be drenched in their own blood. If the individual chooses blue, the person will be strangled to all of the person's blood being drained from their body.

Move: WASD + Mouse
Interact: Left-Click
Crouch: CTRL
Run: Shift
Inventory: Tab
Drop item: Q
Switch item: Scroll wheel
Options: ESC

The game is around 90 ~ 120 minutes long depending on your skill and playstyle.
Warning: This game is very challenging. You are only granted one life and death would mean a start over. If you are not confident with the ability to stay calm and persevere in the scariest of situations, you may find this game frustrating.

PSX/PS1 aesthetic:
 A nostalgic horror experience with visuals inspired by 5th generation games.
Survival horror - Aka Manto will constantly try and hunt you while you explore. You may resort to hiding, but who knows how well that goes.
Explore - Navigate through claustrophobic hallways. You may encounter interesting characters along the way.
Atmosphere - Old and abandoned Japanese school setting.
Puzzles - Bizarre and intricate puzzles with a hint of Japanese culture.
Perma Death - One life, no saves. Every death counts to do better on the next round.
Replay value - Good ending? Bad ending? See which one you'll get.
Story - Uncover the mystery of Aka Manto through tape recordings scattered around the map.

PublisherChilla's Art
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorChilla's Art
Made withUnity
TagsAnime, First-Person, Horror, japanese, jhorror, ps1, PSX (PlayStation), Retro, yokai
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls
LinksSteam, Homepage, Patreon, Steam, Twitter, YouTube


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Amazing game lol 

Part 2

This game is way too scary lol good game tho

this game was so scary i literally could not breath

Great horror game! Hopefully I will be able to complete it next time :)

This is the scariest game ive ever play and i loved this i will be returning to take me crown back 

one day I'll finish Aka Manto  馃幁


Hi! Nice game!

If you decide to watch this video, please do not forget about the feedback. Likes, dislikes, comments, etc... do not be indifferent. (Warning, the author is not a native English speaker)


The second part!


literally one of the most, if not THE most horrifying game i've ever played so far. i don't even know if i'm man enough to come back to it. very nice work


During the Game As you progress i noticed that aka manto changed, in the first half of the game he is Very red and He just chases you, then in the second half his Cloak changes to black, he has eyes and he roars when he see's you. Does the Upgrade or does a Copy come in and the other leaves?

That is all I wanted to ask

the first horror game  freestyle I did Aka Manto

This game scared me SO BADLY! Probably the best creepypasta/urban legend based game.

Alguem pode me responder quem 茅 o assasino de preto? o que aparece depois do aka manto

Finally been on to this! First part here and let me tell you that i ain't regreting at all!! Soon Part 2!


just download this from steam its faster

Late reply but to anyone reading this buy from itch if possible, even if it's slower the developer gets more money since itch takes less of a cut than steam.

hey, i love ithis game but sometimes it's too dark, i can't see s**t,  is there a method to adjust the brightness?

oh yeah you need to find the lighter

old video but i tried lol my best i think :D

Oi, good afternoon, so i bought the game on steam but it wont start up at all even though i have the minimal requirements :c, what can i do?

You are awesome Chilla's Art :P

tried to play this game again... lots and lots and LOTS of screaming...

this game looks better, great work!

Very atmospheric stress-viver! Got all endings and all tapes.


This game scared the absolute crap out of me! 10/10 great horror experience. I look forward to more games like this in the future


O Yess... There will be more...


Hi, I make a Video of this game, I'm the first brazillian to play this game, and I shit on my pants playing this, 10/10

tired it out for the first time.. needless to say didn鈥檛 get very far with clean pants...

I want to see it! :)