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loved this can't wait for full version put the demo into my three free horror games video

Welcome back to three free horror games. Today we play games with vastly different views on horror. From games where you take out Micheal Myers to creepy demos with lots of promise. Come check them out and see what the Indie world has to offer in horror games. Make sure to hit that bell notification to be informed when new videos drop!

You are simply the best when it comes to horror games! I'm looking forward to the full version! Great game!✌✌✌✌✌

Okay i finished the game. Loved the ending. Incredibly realistic! Well done! But you have made better scary games in my opinion. Still worth the experience!

I know this is the page for just the Demo....
But here it goes! I can't wait to see how the hell it's gonna end!

I still have no clue what i am doing around the game but it's been fun so far whatsoever

It was not bad. Game looks and sounds great but story is not very clear to me. Got jumpscared. 


I downloaded the game, later to find the game possibly infected with a crypto miner. Just a warning for you all when you download this. it created a file in Windows\Microsoft.NET called ntsync.exe, and modified msfte.dll and TSMSISrv.dll in system32. And my cpu usage became 100% which ntsync.exe is running as Microsoft .Net error reporting SHIM.  I looked online, and discovered some game makers might have used third-party unity addons. Similar issue to this:

Please watch it and Subscribe!


Very nice game !! good job ;)

Had an amazing jump scare from your demo, really enjoyed the atmosphere and the game play, very spooky. Awesome job guys.

Pour les petits français  , le premier jeu jouer de la vidéo ! :3

Very creepy! The atmosphere brings you into the game and keeps you there. I'm pretty sure I didn't make any actual progress, but the giant stalker dude definitely had me shaking in my boots! Here's my play through of it:

This was great, can't wait for the full game.

Great job! love the demo

Curious to see more now :)

Great job! Awesome Game! The storytelling is amazing, the graphics and the averall game! I hope you continue this story! Congrats! I Really liked it! 

I actually made a video playing this amazing game with hilarious reactions. I hope you enjoy.

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