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Absolutely stunning! One of the creepiest games I've played in a long long while. I'll definitely be delving further into your catalog.

Just finished Inunaki Tunnel, it was so much fun.


Why you always wanted to make your Horror Games  Paid?!

One of the shorter chilla games, but just as effective. You wont catch me going solo into a tunnel at night 

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This scared a hell out me. This is a great game. Thanks.

Another Banger from Chilla's Art, always good games and at great prices.

This was fantastic! Genuinely creepy the whole way through, and I love the graphics style. The VHS aesthetic really tied the whole experience together. I tried to get the good ending, but I guess I missed something, so I only managed to get the bad ending. Here's my playthrough:

Cool game, so cool :D

Japanese Horror based on REAL EVENTS! | Inunaki Tunnel | 犬鳴トンネル

Absolutely great game!

Really loved the atmosphere and the building of suspense throughout the game. Gave a feeling that something was always near, watching you..

The fact that this is based on a real location/events makes it even more disturbing.. I think you did a great job on it!

Only 'issue', if you want to call it that, I faced was that the VHS style and darkness made it sometimes really hard to navigate. Although, this also did add up to the creepy atmosphere, so I'm still unsure how to feel about it.

I bought the bundle on Steam, looking forward on playing the other games!

I also decided to share my experience playing the game with a video, hope you enjoy it!