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This game was a great experience and had a crazy ending what happened isnt what i would have ever expected, Great Game - 

🎀 JAPANESE SCHOOLGIRL ALONE AT HOME? | Okaeri Full Gameplay Walkthrough

This game left a very unsettling fear factor throughout the game. I Loved it! 

Incredible! By far, one of the scariest games of the year! The slow burn of suspense builds to a terrifying peak. Throughout, you feel like you’re being watched or followed. I wish more games had a desire to be so genuinely frightening.

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I've found a really good walkthrough:

It's very short, obviously spoilers.

Don't click if you haven't played the game.

Just one thing bugging me; If Okaeri is truly the title of the game, it should be in katakana instead, right?

What does Okaeri mean?


Welcome home

Beats me. Probably the name of the main character.

Are there any plans for a Linux version ?

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@Chilla's Art: when comes update 1.1/1.2? Love the design and the retro VHS graphic ;-)

Edit: thank you for update 1.2.

Loved It! The design is so perfect i felt exactly as if i was in a japanese village, and i watch a lot of animes :D. The plot and pattern leading to the end are super! Gave me a slight 'Grudge' vibe. Story is basically based on IRL happenings... Sad But I Loved It! Can't wait to see more from you!

Gave it a go...