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Such a fantastic game! I had tons of fun! The atmosphere in the game is so so creepy! The lighting coupled with the sound effect made this a truly eerie experience! You can check out my experience of this masterpiece below!

This one was solid 

Full Playthrough No Commentary 

This is probably my favorite of Chilla's Art's games. I like playing through it and watching others play the game. Spooky atmosphere and cool mechanics for the end, with a great story. 

Played it. Survived. Another excelent game from this creator.. Even the plot was amazing!
I will keep on playing them until i beat em all!

Very nice game. It had some nice scary moments but overall came off more sad than scary. Nonetheless I did enjoy playing the game. As a deaf guy it was very hard for me personally to beat the sound puzzle but I managed to do it! 

Thanks for the taking the time to make this and I will check out your other games!

I was so excited to play this! It really messes with you...loved the graphics and each level had different surprises that I enjoyed. 

Chilla's Art does it again! Another amazing and carefully crafted game. Super high quality and great pacing. I love that this one is a bit more fast paced than other story-driven games you have made. I loved this! 

Another great game from you guys I managed to go back and make sure to get both endings.

LOST In The Station Ending! | The Ghost Train | 幽霊列車

Another Japanese Horror Game from one of my fav Chillas Art!

Come see the mystery station and creepy train! 

I think I understand the story a little bit I could be wrong. I think it maybe had to deal with loss and depression of losing his wife, but it could also be something completely different. 

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Really enjoyed it!  Will definitely be checking out your other games.  I think I missed the big jumpscare near the end in the train x_x.  Cheers! 

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I loved this game! It was so creepy and I got jumpscared a few times. I definitely think I got the bad ending hahaha. This was also the first time I played one of your games by myself cause usually I would watch Jay from the Kubzscouts play it or Dashiegames ecc.

Wow очень атмосферно. 

Nice work , I had a question for you ?

Did you use Unreal or Unity to create your games?