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Version 1.25 Save fixes

Onryo | 怨霊 is a survival action horror game set in Japan. Your mission is to exorcise the haunted house by killing enemies with a special camera.

We recommend you wear headphones. Without it, it will be extremely hard to tell where the ghosts are. 
The game can be difficult for some players. Be patient and observe enemy patterns and behaviors. 
The playtime is around 90 ~ 120 minutes long, depending on your skill and playstyle.

[b]Save system[/b]: We finally have a save system.

[b]Immersive experience[/b]: An atmospheric, realistic graphics intensifies the horror experience.

[b]Japanese Theme[/b]: Japanese horror films inspired environment.

[b]Camera-based action[/b]: You use a special camera to defeat enemies.

[b]Exploration[/b]: As you explore the house and uncover its secrets, you'll be faced with puzzles.

怨霊 は日本を舞台にしたサバイバルアクションホラーゲームです。 特別なカメラを使って霊退治をすることがプレイヤーのミッションです。


[b]セーブ機能[/ b]:セーブができます。






    • OS: Windows 7 SP1+ x64
    • Processor: Intel/Amd
    • Graphics: Nvidia/Amd
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Yes
    • Additional Notes: Wear headphones or the game will be difficult.

Onryo | 怨霊 © Chilla's Art, LLC 2020
All rights reserved.

Chilla's Art LLC
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorChilla's Art
GenreSurvival, Action, Adventure, Puzzle
TagsAnime, Atmospheric, Exploration, Horror, japanese, Psychological Horror, Survival Horror
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese


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Then again, the story was something that got me seriously hooked... Next on the list, Blame Him!!
Also had some Fatal Frame vibes playing this

Man... The atmosphere on this one... JESUS!!!! Loved the story the most!

well i bought the game and I can't download it...tried a few times and i keep getting a "couldn't download server problem.."

I finished the game! Whew the puzzles were very nicely done. I think I am getting better at the camera. 

Overall, I say its a fun short game. I couldn't find the last gachapon. I must have dropped it somewhere hidden.

Hey! This is fantastic!

I really like the premise, plot, mechanics and art style. Its a great package for $5. A couple things I would like to point out. The droning noise in the safe rooms is quite annoyingly loud. It is also a really hard game. It would be nice to have some sort of easier difficulty where the camera takes less time to setup. As a deaf person playing the game. I didn't find it too hard to hear the ghost, but hearing where they pop up is another thing (that's on me).  Oh also, for door text ("you need restroom key")  it is a bit small and often white-out by the flashlight.

Its a long game due to the puzzles. I got part 1 made and I will finish it later on! Thanks for making the game!



It's fun, it's scary

Awesome game!

Beat this game but I just uploaded the Final Boss Fight :)) Sorry for Long Outro.

if you wanna a good mix of horror 😱  and puzzle 🧩

solving this would be it! I suck at puzzle so I was lost plus I was scared 😂